Verscom Carrier Voice takes pride in its approach to workers realizing the value of each individual as a key player contributing to the company as a precious asset -regardless the hierarchical level he/she belongs to-. We are aware that human resources having strong belief in the virtue of teamwork, with an honest and open communication philosophy constitute a very important aspect to target common goals, to preserve our innovative and leader position in the market and to share the pleasant outcomes altogether. Verscom Carrier Voice supports its employees’ efforts to build an exciting and successful career by making pleasant working conditions, applying individual incentive programs companied by well-defined KPIs, providing professional educational programs with equal opportunities. Verscom Carrier Voice has an equal opportunity vision for all its employees; Verscom raises managers and executives from the existing employees. Now, we’re looking for people like you: People with enthusiasm for discovering the challenges of the next generation communication technologies and engineering and business excellence! Join us and discover the business intelligence in today’s and future’s telecom technologies and multi-cultural experience through the globe. Work in a friendly environment with young team mates while turning your passion into action.

How to Apply

Interested candidates are encouraged to send their resumes via