Verscom Carrier Voice offers consistent, complete and cost effective voice termination services through extremely competitive routing plans and strategic carrier partners. With over 100 direct interconnects to major international and niche destinations, Verscom Carrier Voice is the preferred carrier services provider in the voice market.

Verscom Carrier Voice offers 2 levels of service based on your voice termination requirements, Voice Directs and A-Z Routing Plan.

Verscom Carrier Voice offers the highest quality suppliers access to its huge minute volumes. With over 3 million minutes per day Verscom Carrier Voice is your perfect customer.

Verscom Carrier Voice Directs

Over the last 5 years Verscom Carrier Voice has developed many unique and diverse relationships with direct carriers worldwide, with particular focus given to hard to reach niche routes. Working with carefully selected quality partners via bi-laterals and direct routes, Verscom Carrier Voice can provide your customers an excellent service.

As the international voice market grows, a wide range of carriers, fixed or mobile operators, service providers and resellers actively offer international voice services. Verscom Carrier Voice has been especially developed to meet the requirements for all these voice providers, with regard to worldwide voice termination against highly competitive rates.

By focusing solely on direct routes, we are able to control quality, coverage and cost, and pass these benefits onto our customers. The Verscom Carrier Voice strengths of experience and professionalism, put together with close collaborations with strategic partners in more than 30 countries proves a commitment to providing the best available quality in the voice services market.

With a dedicated team of experienced Sales people across Europe and the Middle East, Verscom Carrier Voice is best positioned to offer your carrier business access to many hard to reach niche destinations. Click here to join our increasing number of customers.

Our Directs:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Yemen….

A-Z Pricing

Verscom Carrier Voice is able to provide access to the global A-Z of destinations via the 100 plus carrier and PTT interconnects. Emphasis is given to an optimum routing plan to provide stable ASR’s and ACD’s ensuring that there is sufficient capacity to terminate the traffic. The A-Z routing plan offers higher than the average market quality to all destinations at competitive rates. The result is higher margins through consistent quality.

Verscom Carrier Voice understands the importance of quality, stability and consistency and, therefore, a full NOC and Support service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It is our commitment to our customers to give the optimal solution to terminate their traffic across the A-Z. The routing plan offers quality of voice higher than the market average.

Verscom Carrier Voice A-Z Pricing enables you to reach:

  • All international destinations
  • All national numbers (local, regional, and long distance calls)
  • All national mobile phones
  • All value added numbers, such as freephone, shared costs and Premium Rate numbers (by request only).

If you are interested in taking advantage of Verscom Carrier Voices A-Z, quality, price offerings please Click here and get connected to a network of world class suppliers.

Outbound Voice

Verscom Carrier Voice’s huge minute volume makes it the perfect customer to partner with. Get to market quicker by taking advantage of Verscom Carrier Voice fast, reliable and efficient interconnection process. By taking advantage of Verscom Carrier Voice’s developed relationships with many PTTs and major Tier 1 carriers your company can achieve consistent revenue and margin growth.

Verscom Carrier Voice is brand recognized across the globe and its insistence in providing only the best quality makes it one of the best international niche carriers in the voice market. The reputation and strength in depth is unquestionable and therefore our customers demand only the best quality and stability.

With a dedicated experienced Buying team based out of London, one of the biggest telecommunication hubs in the world, our quality of service is unquestionably of the highest standard. Your business is in the secure and finest hands to maximize your routes potential in regards to minutes, revenues and ultimately margin.

Verscom Carrier Voice increasing minute volumes means that new suppliers to the network are always required. Quick interconnection, immediate minute volumes, timely billing, prompt payment and netting agreements make Verscom Carrier Voice the perfect strategic customer for your destination offerings.

Please contact the Verscom Carrier Voice experienced Buying Team and watch your minutes and revenue grow instantly, Click here.

Routing Options

Verscom Carrier Voice implements 2 routing options, Voice Direct and A-Z Routing. Each offers a different solution based on the supplier’s current and historical performance, and the customer’s requirements. It is essential for Verscom’s reputation that we perform on all service levels covering all customer types, and it’s for this reason we offer two routing options. The routing plans are designed for carriers to efficiently and cost-effectively terminate their global traffic.

Verscom Direct

Verscom Direct is the most cost advantageous routing plan and is designed for all carrier types, ranging from wholesale to retail carriers. With a blend of local and international partner routes Verscom Carrier Voice offers a tailored solution to match the specific desires of the customer. Verscom Carrier Voice is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of voice services connecting the leading carriers to niche destinations in the Middle East, Indian Sub Continent and Africa.

Key Points:

  • Access to Verscom Direct niche destinations
  • Stable levels of quality allowing for higher revenues
  • Suitable for wholesale and retail traffic profiles
  • 24/7 NOC supported routes
  • Accurate and timely billing, prompt payment and netting agreements
  • Aggressive pricing
  • Large number of direct interconnects
  • Call calculated and billed per second
  • Bespoke routing
  • No CAPEX required for interconnects
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Interconnection through VOIP or TDM

A-Z Routing

A-Z Routing offers the highest quality routing and has been designed to meet the demands of PTT, Tier 1 and retail customers. Only the best performing and stable routes are used in this routing table.

Key Points:

  • Worldwide destinations to all Fixed and Mobile breakouts
  • Suitable for PTT, Tier 1 and retail customers only
  • Only PTT’s, Tier 1’s and mobile operators used in routing
  • CLI supported
  • Fax supported
  • Real time monitoring – 24/7 NOC
  • VOIP and TDM interconnection
  • Accurate and timely billing, prompt payment and netting agreements
  • Highest quality calls and network integrity supported by best-in-class SLA
  • Quality of voice higher than the market average
  • Interconnection through VOIP or TDM

Interconnect Options

Connect to the Verscom Carrier Voice network through either VOIP or TDM.

Verscom Carrier Voice VoIP

Verscom Carrier Voice offers state of the art VoIP connectivity over public or private internet, providing the highest quality voice services over IP.

Key Points:

  • SIP to H.323 conversion
  • Nextpoint compatible with Cisco, Huawei, Sonus, Quintum…
  • Advanced routing plans
  • Accurate CDR’s
  • Verscom experienced engineers, efficient and professional

Key Benefits:

  • Global Connectivity
  • Fast Interconnection
  • Interconnect anywhere in the world, there are no restrictions
  • Simple procedures
  • Cost effective

Verscom Carrier Voice TDM

Verscom Carrier Voice offers traditional TDM interconnectivity and you can connect directly to the main POP located in Ancotel Telehouse in Germany. Verscom Carrier Voice is a proud member of the advanced Interoute network taking advantage of the 48 plus POP’s across the globe. Verscom Carrier Voice understands the importance of TDM to many PTT and Tier 1 carriers and therefore has enabled this interconnection type so that every business can benefit from Verscom Carrier Voice quality.

Key Benefits:

  • Extensive protocol support
  • Wide range of call control and signaling protocols, including SS7
  • High reliability
  • Cost effective
  • High performance